Song Shi Ming Yue

In ancient times, there were several honorific titles. The most expensive one was "Your Majesty", which means I dare not look at your face.

In ancient times, there were several honorific titles. The most expensive one was "Your Majesty", which means I dare not look at your face. I only dare to look at the steps under your feet. "Your Majesty," followed by "Your Highness," and then "Your Excellency." "Zu Xia" is a relatively equal honorific title, but Li Ying is just a juggler, and Zhao Xing calls him Zu Xia, which he thinks he can't afford. However. Zhao Xing did not care. He raised his hand to signal the other to go on. When it comes to the night view of Bianliang City, I don't know where Daguanren want to go. If you want to buy something, you can go to Mahang Street. If you want to see juggling, you can go to Daxiangguo Temple; if you want to go to Goulan Washer, there are two good places to go. One is Yanglou Street, and the other is Duting Yi.. Qin Guan is very eager, he interrupts the words of the other side, ask: "What characteristic does Tokyo romance have?" Li Ying understood the meaning of this group of people, and he hurriedly introduced: "If you talk about the romance of Bianliang City in Tokyo, have you ever heard of the ten unique women in Bianliang? The legends are: Aunt Shen's chess, Chen Yiniang's drum, Liao Xiaoxiao's singing, Song Xiaoniangzi's hundred tongues, Shi Huiying's playing,plastic pallet manufacturer, daughter-in-law Xu's singing, Xiao Jinlian's shooting, Wen Banniang's Zaju, Wang Shuanglian's palace tunes." Plus the shadow play of the black mother. The above world, that is the wonderful city of Tokyo, I do not know what officials want to see, elegant or vulgar? Liao Xiaoxiao is also among them, and the ranking is very high,plastic bulk containers, which makes Zhao Xing a little shocked: "Then go to the place where Liao Xiaoxiao haunts-I think the place where she moves, should be regarded as the elegance in your mouth, you tell us, where Liao Xiao often loves to appear, the rest of the people.." Where do those elegant people like to move most? Li Ying was still lying on the ground. He quickly kowtowed again and replied, "The younger one is free these days. He can just accompany the senior officials for a stroll. The younger one will lead the way.." That's going to Yang Lou. Li Yinggang was defeated in the ring, just want to rest for a few days to avoid the limelight, transfer to work for a few days, just let his sumo ring a little cold, reduce the impression of his failure. So he volunteered. Zhao Xing replied lazily, "All right, get up, everybody, pack up and walk." Xiao Feng and Xiao Qi immediately jumped out. They were carrying a backpack on their shoulders. If there were modern people, they would see that the backpack was shaped like a modern "military bag". The "military arms" were bulging. Each of the Xiao Feng and Xiao Qi brothers held a wooden stick in his hand. They also handed an extra smooth red stick to Zhao Xing. These sticks were a little curved in shape and about the same size in length. Zhao Xing took the stick and weighed it in his hand. Before he could say anything, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, Chen Gongchuan jumped out and repeatedly shouted, "Such a good thing, how could it be without me?" With a shout from Zhao Xing, a group of people waddled into the leisure world of Bianliang City in Tokyo. At that time, the time was equivalent to the modern off-duty time. Time seemed to slow down suddenly on the streets of Tokyo. Crowds of citizens, with gum in their mouths and whistling, strolled and watched, carefully evaluated, and leisurely passed the idle time. There are endless wonders and countless elegance in the street. Along the hustle and bustle of the crowd came to the Yanglou Gate, a street will be divided into two halves of the street, across the street is Goulan tile house, shuttling among the crowd is grinding shoulders and heels, 35 teams of musicians, holding one or two girls dance spin, singing small words and Zhao Xing passed by, Zhao Xing looked at their team in a trance, Li Ying saw, hurriedly explained: "Daguanren, this is called rush to take advantage of." It is also a scene of Bianliang City. Isn't this the content of social drama that is often seen in the modern southern countryside? In the parade of social drama, artists often hold a high pole, and children of a few years old wear Peking Opera costumes, play the characters in Peking Opera, paint their faces with heavy makeup, and writhe on the pole.. Zhao Xing did not know what modern society called this, he now knows that the Song Dynasty called this "rush to take advantage of". Seeing Zhao Xing's appreciative expression, one of them immediately surrounded Zhao Xing and performed various movements to Zhao Xing. The music was melodious, reflecting the lights all over the street. Zhao Xing, Qin Guan and Zhou Bangyan brothers were dressed in beautiful clothes. In addition to Zhao Xing, the other three were all beautiful teenagers in this era. This scene seemed to be a realistic "Ukiyo-e". This is the city of Bianliang in Tokyo in 1087, which is a city of light. The first magnificent prelude Chapter 1049 living color and fragrance. "Hurry to finish a program and look longingly at Zhao Xing." Reward! With a shout from Zhao Xing, Xiao Feng reached out his hand and touched it in the "army". A golden round gold coin jumped into the air and jumped into the child on the high pole accurately. The child grabbed the gold coin, put it in his mouth and bit it. Then he nodded to the man holding the pole and made a bow at the height. People next to see Zhao Xing shot so forthright, can not help but drink the sound color. Li Ying struggled to get out of the crowd. First, he looked at the man on the pole with envy and thanked him. Then he told Zhao Xing in a low voice: "High official, the steward said that there are no empty seats in Yang Lou. Please wait a moment.." Qin Guan looked at Zhao Xing with a smile. Zhao Xing waved his hand and said, "Tell the steward that if Yang Xiaolou doesn't come out to pick me up, I'll go to his house and wait until he shows up." Well, give my notebook to the steward and let him pass it to Yang Xiaolou. Qin Guan wanted to see a joke, but after a while, the chubby Yang Xiaolou, sweating profusely, came out with several people. He handed his hand to Zhao Xing and bowed to him again: "Zhao Daguanren, you have hurt me. I heard that Gao Xiaoliang of Helelou posted a notice this afternoon, saying that he was going to hold a grand banquet of dragons, tigers and leopards in the sea.." High official, I have a deep friendship with you. You can't favor one over the other. You have to think of a way for me. Yanglou and Panlou are different from Helelou. Helelou is newly rising, so the competition is fierce. Yanglou is a century-old shop. In order to prevent the harassment of people who can't book seats, the shopkeepers of these two famous buildings can't be seen easily. Zhao Xing a hand book,collapsible bulk containers, but let the boss of Yang Lou run all over the sweat. Qin Guan did not know the inside story and did not feel any surprise. Zhou Bangyan had lived in the capital for a long time. He could not help but be shocked by Zhao Xing's ability. In the face of Yang Xiaolou's gallantry, Zhao Xing smiled happily. He said leisurely, "Xiaoliang of Helelou is looking for a house for me.". And send a few cooks to my place to learn the art. 。